A Cake to Die For

One of the major perks of our job is the cake. How many cakes have we had the privilege to try? And now, with the onset of wedding cake “alternatives” we have gotten our fill of rice crispies, chocolate cover treats and even the occasional beer cake. But this cake is one we haven’t seen. Brace yourself for the drool that is soon the be escaping the corners of your mouth!

A simple, elegant cake made up of delicate macaroons. What could be more beautiful (not to mention delicious)??

Thanks Upon Thanks

This is by far one our our favorite thank you from one of our favorite couples! (Real wedding post to come!) They had these lovely little thank yous at each place setting instead of place cards! How sweet!

Real Weddings: Emma + Patrick

Emma, whose parents are from South Africa, and Patrick, whose family is from the Northeast, met at a tiny school in North Carolina. 

They planned their wedding as Emma was finishing up law school and doing a summer internship, and Patrick was beginning his teaching career at a Jesuit school here in Atlanta.

Consequently, Emma’s mom Charlene did most of the planning. 

She and Emma agreed that they wanted to keep it simple, warm, traditional and classic, with the focus on the church ceremony and on visiting with loved ones.

The wedding was an international affair, with guests traveling from around the US, England, Canada, and South Africa.

The ladies had a relaxing morning getting ready at Emma’s sister-in-law’s condo - a highlight was Brigid playing the piano for us as we were packing up to leave (her rendition of Ave Maria brought Emma to tears).

The ceremony, which took place at the beautiful stone church St. Jude the Apostle in Sandy Springs, was officiated by Patrick’s boss, who also knew Patrick growing up. 

Guests then had the afternoon to themselves, while Emma and Patrick went for a private photo session at shady Winn Park in Midtown.

An evening reception followed at the Commerce Club, and the ballroom was gorgeous with garden-style flower arrangements in shades of ivory, peach and coral. 

One of our favorite things about the Commerce Club is the unparalleled nearly 360 degree view of Atlanta, and on this evening we were gifted with a gorgeous sunset, which the guests enjoyed as they scarfed down their dual filet and chicken entreés.

Emma and Patrick always said they wanted a good mix of conversation and dancing, and they got their wish as they visited with some guests at their tables and others on the dance floor throughout the course of the evening.

Emma’s dad gave a moving toast, and soon enough it was last dance (to Anna Sun, which they heard at a Walk The Moon concert) and time for the happy couple to depart, as guests waved ribbon sticks, to their Perdido Key honeymoon.

Our favorite detail: Emma’s dear grandmother passed away unexpectedly just two months before the wedding, and Emma misses her terribly. 

To ensure she was remembered on the wedding day, we affixed a photo of Oma along with a charm to Emma’s bouquet.

Our favorite moment: Towards the end of the evening, We had the opportunity to sit and observe the dancing for a while. 

The DJ played a couple of slow songs, and we watched as Emma’s parents shared a sweet moment, as did Patrick’s sister and her boyfriend, and then Emma’s other grandma (still young and vivacious in her seventies!) led Emma’s Opa (who had just lost his wife) onto the floor.

 It struck me that the two of them must be remembering back to Charlene and SA’s wedding 30 years ago, and we just thought about how much love was in the room at that moment. 

Isn’t that one of the reasons we live - is to enjoy those moments together with family and those we love?

Love Notery

Whether you are looking for the perfect wedding gift or want to surprise your spouse with a precious memento, look to Love Notery. They specialize in custom pieces of art centering around your love story (which is our favorite part of getting to know each of you)! The results are beautiful!

They offer a variety of packages including wedding vow or toast options. The best part? They are right here in Atlanta!

Did you see this?

Apparently we aren’t the only ones who think Atlanta is (one of) the best cities to get hitched! But now we have the numbers to prove it!

From Patch.com:

Atlanta is the third best city in the U.S. in which to get married, according to a new survey from WalletHub.

With couples spending an average of $26,444 on their wedding, the personal-finance website took an in-depth look at 2016’s Best & Worst Cities to Get Married.

WalletHub analysts compared 150 of the biggest cities across 18 key indicators of a cost-effective and convenient occasion, from average wedding cost to number of venues and event spaces to hotel availability.

Here’s what Atlanta ranked in the scheme:

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Getting Married in Atlanta (1=Best; 75=Avg.)

47th – Average Wedding Cost
42nd – Number of Wedding Chapels & Churches per Capita
51st – Number of Event Planners per Capita
5th – Number of Bridal Shops per Capita
6th – Number of Flower Shops per Capita
1st – Number of Venues & Event Spaces per Capita
20th – Number of Attractions
3rd – Number of Hotels per Capita
2nd – Number of Musicians & DJs per Capita
6th – Number of Videographers & Photographers per Capita
No. 1 was Orlando, while No. 2 was … you guessed it … Las Vegas.

Dead last for matrimonial engagement convenience was Moreno Valley, CA.

See the original post here:

DIY Photo Booth

Photo booths are a wedding trend that is here to stay. We love them because they give our clients a guest book of faces to look at any time they are feeling nostalgic. However, photo booths can be a little expensive and when pennies are being pinched, they are often the first thing to go! Enter this beauty:

Expo board, with white paint pen. how cute is this??? Personal. Simple. Love. And just look how much fun those girls are having!!

Southern Charm

Well friends, the new year is fast approaching. And in the spirit of doing new things and better things, we will be posting more often in the new year. Having a blog is a lot of pressure! We are always in search of the perfect “thing” or a great new idea (with perfect pictures to boot). But more often than not, we find inspiration in one picture. And so not only are we going to be posting more of our own real weddings, but also, some rather short posts of pictures that we find inspirational! Hop on board with us!

Let’s get things started today! Being a wedding planner in Atlanta, believe us when we say, we are no stranger to the southern wedding. Cowboy (and girl) boots, sunflowers, horses, you name it. But the southern weddings that take our hearts are the ones filled with classic charm. Bow ties made out of duck feathers, ceremonies held on the family’s farm and these cute little DIY boutonnieres.

Made with a simple shotgun shell and twine, how cute is this? Not too over the top “country” but 100% charming. We love it! Happy holidays loves! See you in the New Year!    

Wedding Invitation Ornaments

We don’t know about you, but after we were married, we had a TON of wedding invitations that for whatever reason (read: didn’t get sent out because we dropped the ball and ran out of time). So we are in this predicament. What do you do with fifty or so of your beloved invitations? After the one we framed, and then the one that went into our wedding book, oh and the one that went into an unfinished scrapbook somewhere, we were out of ideas. that is until we ran across this baby:

We will be honest. At first, we thought it was an assemble-your-own-wedding-invitation type thing (which we obviously don’t recommend). But then, our common sense kicked in and we fell head over heels in love with this keepsake!! Using a simple paper cutter, you can create an ornament for your Christmas tree this holiday season (not to mention they make great gifts for your 4ish closest family and friends)!

There’s An App For That

Have you ever wondered what songs people want to hear at a wedding? One of my DJ friends is a genius. He has come up with an App to help you compile a song list for your event! It is available in the Apple Store now! Here is an explanation of the DJ Songlist app:

·         It is an easy to use iphone & ipad application that provides full service music planning and organization for any event. Perfect for weddings, corporate parties and all other special events where a DJ or band has been hired.

·         DJ Songlist has assembled the top songs DJs and bands have played from thousands of events and sorted them into easy to use categories to help you organize your event songlist.

·         It allows you to create one or multiple lists for you event. You can save, edit and preview the list and songs you have chosen.

·         Email your finished songlist to your DJ or band and others directly from the DJ songlist app so he can see exactly what you want played at your party.

·         Download songs you have chosen in DJ songlist from the itunes store and add them to your music library.

·         DJ songlist is updated monthly to include the hottest new music tracks

·         Add songs not in the library by searching the Itunes library and just adding them to your list.

How cool is it that the professionals in our industry are constantly working to make your wedding planning experience easier and more enjoyable? Check it out by searching DJ Songlist in the Apple Store!


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. In part, I think, because it’s a day to relax and reflect on the year that has passed and all its blessings. Wedding season is over for the most part (although I do look forward to a fabulous New Year’s Eve wedding this year!), and the holiday season is here (another of my favorite times). Today I am grateful for this amazing year with its many transformative moments, my incredible family, and all of my wonderful clients who give me such joy. For example, this photo is from a recent wedding of two of the nicest people I could hope to meet. I love their chair signs: Better Together (instead of the traditional Mr. and Mrs.). I’m so blessed to be able to have the freedom to work for myself and do what I love, in service to others. Joyful holiday wishes to all!

Photos courtesy of Alea Moore, Gene Ho, Alecia Lauren Photography, Solstice Images and Marc Climie

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