DIY Photo Booth

Photo booths are a wedding trend that is here to stay. We love them because they give our clients a guest book of faces to look at any time they are feeling nostalgic. However, photo booths can be a little expensive and when pennies are being pinched, they are often the first thing to go! Enter this beauty:

Expo board, with white paint pen. how cute is this??? Personal. Simple. Love. And just look how much fun those girls are having!!

Southern Charm

Well friends, the new year is fast approaching. And in the spirit of doing new things and better things, we will be posting more often in the new year. Having a blog is a lot of pressure! We are always in search of the perfect “thing” or a great new idea (with perfect pictures to boot). But more often than not, we find inspiration in one picture. And so not only are we going to be posting more of our own real weddings, but also, some rather short posts of pictures that we find inspirational! Hop on board with us!

Let’s get things started today! Being a wedding planner in Atlanta, believe us when we say, we are no stranger to the southern wedding. Cowboy (and girl) boots, sunflowers, horses, you name it. But the southern weddings that take our hearts are the ones filled with classic charm. Bow ties made out of duck feathers, ceremonies held on the family’s farm and these cute little DIY boutonnieres.

Made with a simple shotgun shell and twine, how cute is this? Not too over the top “country” but 100% charming. We love it! Happy holidays loves! See you in the New Year!    

Wedding Invitation Ornaments

We don’t know about you, but after we were married, we had a TON of wedding invitations that for whatever reason (read: didn’t get sent out because we dropped the ball and ran out of time). So we are in this predicament. What do you do with fifty or so of your beloved invitations? After the one we framed, and then the one that went into our wedding book, oh and the one that went into an unfinished scrapbook somewhere, we were out of ideas. that is until we ran across this baby:

We will be honest. At first, we thought it was an assemble-your-own-wedding-invitation type thing (which we obviously don’t recommend). But then, our common sense kicked in and we fell head over heels in love with this keepsake!! Using a simple paper cutter, you can create an ornament for your Christmas tree this holiday season (not to mention they make great gifts for your 4ish closest family and friends)!

There’s An App For That

Have you ever wondered what songs people want to hear at a wedding? One of my DJ friends is a genius. He has come up with an App to help you compile a song list for your event! It is available in the Apple Store now! Here is an explanation of the DJ Songlist app:

·         It is an easy to use iphone & ipad application that provides full service music planning and organization for any event. Perfect for weddings, corporate parties and all other special events where a DJ or band has been hired.

·         DJ Songlist has assembled the top songs DJs and bands have played from thousands of events and sorted them into easy to use categories to help you organize your event songlist.

·         It allows you to create one or multiple lists for you event. You can save, edit and preview the list and songs you have chosen.

·         Email your finished songlist to your DJ or band and others directly from the DJ songlist app so he can see exactly what you want played at your party.

·         Download songs you have chosen in DJ songlist from the itunes store and add them to your music library.

·         DJ songlist is updated monthly to include the hottest new music tracks

·         Add songs not in the library by searching the Itunes library and just adding them to your list.

How cool is it that the professionals in our industry are constantly working to make your wedding planning experience easier and more enjoyable? Check it out by searching DJ Songlist in the Apple Store!


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. In part, I think, because it’s a day to relax and reflect on the year that has passed and all its blessings. Wedding season is over for the most part (although I do look forward to a fabulous New Year’s Eve wedding this year!), and the holiday season is here (another of my favorite times). Today I am grateful for this amazing year with its many transformative moments, my incredible family, and all of my wonderful clients who give me such joy. For example, this photo is from a recent wedding of two of the nicest people I could hope to meet. I love their chair signs: Better Together (instead of the traditional Mr. and Mrs.). I’m so blessed to be able to have the freedom to work for myself and do what I love, in service to others. Joyful holiday wishes to all!

What Goes Around Comes Around

Did you guys see this article from ABC?? How cute!!

From ABC: 

A North Carolina couple who were paired as flower girl and ring bearer in a wedding 17 years ago ironically walked down the same aisle on Sept. 19 – only this time, it was as bride and groom.

“We are all in shock as to all the attention that this is getting,” Adrian Franklin of Gastonia, N.C., told ABC News. “There was a picture that my mom posted on Facebook and we’re glad that it’s good news going out and not bad.

He added: "Every time our paths would go separate ways, we’d reconnect.”

Franklin said that he and his wife Brooke met in church as grade school students before walking in their parents’ friends’ 2001 wedding.

“I had a crush on him from the start,” Brooke Franklin said. “He absolutely could not stand me. He said ‘I got on his nerves.’ I’d tried to play with him at school and at church and he just didn’t want much to do with me at all.”

In high school, Adrian said he had a change of heart and asked Brooke to be his girlfriend.

“We would draw with our finger on each other’s backs and guess what the other person was writing,” he said. “I wrote 'Will you be my girlfriend’ and she guessed it, but didn’t answer me. I said 'Well Brooke, are you going to say anything?’ and she said 'Well you didn’t write a question mark.’”

“Before our wedding day I had a sign made that said 'Will you marry me’ but I cut the question mark out,” Adrian added. “I asked her to marry me and I said, 'Here’s your question mark.’”

Two weeks ago, the couple married at South Gastonia Church of God – the same church where they walked together in a bridal party as five-year-old classmates.

Among their 300-plus guests was the bride from the 2001 wedding.

“We forgot that we were in the wedding together and she brought the photos to us,” Brooke said. “She just thought that was the neatest thing. She was really excited.”

The Franklins said they have photos from both ceremonies displayed in their home.

They also said they hope to share the photos with the future children someday.

See the original article here.

Fall Colors

We found this little love on Pinterest and couldn’t help but share. We love how the colors combos are definitely “fall” but not the traditional reds oranges and yellows that we see all the time! 

Loving the last two the most! Happy wedding planning ya’ll!

Little Bridal Shop of Horrors

When we started this little beloved blog of ours, we promised you and ourselves one thing: to be completely and totally honest. We wanted to be real in the sense that we know wedding planning isn’t always roses and butterflies, despite what the pictures say. Today is one of those days! 

One of our lovely, recently engaged brides went home for a visit in Huntsville, Alabama two weeks ago. With all of the excitement of her engagement, the women in her family decided it would be fun to go dress purusing at their local bridal shop which happens to be one of the many many locations of a nationwide chain of stores that often tout a wedding dress for $99. Do you catch our drift? It isn’t our favorite place for our brides to shop, because we have had problems with them before, but what is the harm in looking?

The minute she walked through the doors, the sales team was rude and pushy. She described the dress she was looking for and her price range. They put her in her dream gown. She fell in love with it, only to look down and see that it was 3x more expensive than what she could afford. The sales team proceeded to pressure her into buying the dress, saying she would never be able to find a dress in her price range (not true), that it was far too low (not true) and that she either needed to buy the dress or settle for one she didn’t like as much (are you kidding me?).

So our bride finds another dress that is in her budget. She likes it, but isn’t in love with it. Keep in mind, she only went in the store to look. The sales team convince her to buy the dress, which she agrees to, because she can return it within a few days if she changes her mind. They checkout and after the card is swiped and the receipts are printed, the sales clerk says, “All sales final.”

Let’s just say that her heart was broken and when she told us, our blood pressure went through the roof. She tried to return the dress right then and there. No one told her that all sales were final! She didn’t want the dress. They wouldn’t budge. 

So, we came up with all kinds of solutions for the dress including alterations, selling it online, wraps, you name it.

In one last ditch effort, she called another location and asked about their return policy. They had never hear of an All Sales Final policy. Every location is required to have a five-day “change-your-mind” deal. If the bride decides she doesn’t like the dress, she gets to return it, no questions asked.   

As it turns out, the first store had lied to our bride to make a quick buck. Good luck with that. 

The good news: She was able to return the dress to the second location and is back on the hunt for her perfect dress. 

Moral of the story: never let yourself be pressured into a dress you don’t love. And in our opinion, stay away from stores that sell $99 wedding dresses if you catch our drift!

Love Wins!

My heart is full today as we celebrate the Supreme Court’s landmark decision, which makes same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. At long last, a victory for compassion, equality and love. I dedicate this post to all my same-sex couples, who can now enjoy the same rights as all other married couples in our great country: Steve and Jonathan (2008), Teresa and Tiffany (2009), Lauren and Anneliese (2012), Meghan and Beth (2013), Joe and Martin (2013), and Deena and Molly (2013). Today is a day for gratitude, and celebration. Love wins!

Etsy Find: Summer Boutonnieres

We ran across these little loves and couldn’t get over how they seem to scream SUMMER. The are simple, and draw from the fresh elements that all summer weddings should! 

Aren’t they just sublime? You can find them here. Be sure to check out the rest of the shop for beautiful wedding ideas!

Photos courtesy of Alea Moore, Gene Ho, Alecia Lauren Photography, Solstice Images and Marc Climie

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