New Year, New Name

For all of you lovebirds who have gotten married recently, and have no idea how this works. OR for all of you lovebirds who have put this off for weeks, months and heaven forbid years, NOT NEED TO FRET! It is quite simple really!

How To Change Your Name

The first thing to do is make sure you have received your original marriage certificate in the mail. (Your officiant will have sent the signed marriage license to the county courthouse for processing after the ceremony.) I also recommend ordering at least two certified copies of your marriage certificate. These are $10 for the first copy and $5 for each additional copy, and they can be ordered through the Georgia Department of Human Resources at http://dph.georgia.gov/marriage-records.

The most important documents to change are your social security card and your driver’s license.

Social Security Card

•           Complete form SS-5.

•           Collect the original or a certified copy of your marriage certificate and an identity document showing your old name, as well as other identifying information or a recent photo (e.g., your driver’s license). If you have your original Social Security card, take that as well.

•           Take your completed application and documents to your local Social Security office (this process may take up to two hours).

•           Visit www.socialsecurity.gov for more information.

Your marriage certificate will be returned to you, along with your new Social Security card. Once you complete this step, the Social Security Administration will notify the IRS of your name change. However, you will need to notify your employer of the change.

 Driver’s License

•           Your driver’s license must be changed in person at a Georgia Department of Driver Services Customer Service Center.

•           Per Georgia law, this must be done within 60 days of your marriage.

•           Present the original or a certified copy of your marriage certificate as well as your original driver’s license.

•           Visit www.dds.ga.gov for more information (or search online for your state’s requirements).

 Once you have these two items changed and have received your certified copies of your marriage certificate, you can begin to take care of the rest. Make a personalized list from the following categories, and check the procedure for each one (they will vary). Good luck and congratulations!

•           Passport (requires a certified copy of your marriage certificate)

•           Voter registration

•           Employer personnel records and health insurance

•           Bank and other financial records

•           All bills and creditors and other household records

•           Personal memberships and listings

•           E-mail address

If you need more help, check out http://www.hitchswitch.com for a name change assistance package.

Let's Snuggle

Finally, the first days of Fall are upon us and we can actually (for the first time in years) actually feel the crispness in the air this early! You know what that means don’t you? All of the evening outdoor weddings that would normally still be sweltering right now might just be a little chilly! What to do? Add blankets for your guests of course! Check out these adorable blanket displays!

And just so you know, you can buy chalkboard wood slices at your local craft store! Who knew??

Stay warm out there!

Etsy Find: It's All About the Bride

Don’t we hear that so much in the wedding business?? That is why, when we saw this cute handkerchief on Etsy, we knew we had to feature it! Every bride wants to make their groom feel special! 

Find it here!

A Tale of Good Customer Service

So I got a call this afternoon from this weekend’s bride – crisis, her programs were printed with the wrong ceremony time. She approved the proof, so technically the stationer isn’t responsible. The bride is upset, but doesn’t really want to pay for reprinting them. She’s trying to tell herself it doesn’t matter, most people don’t read the ceremony time, and won’t notice. But it’s not really ok with her.

Then, out of the blue, I get a call from the stationer. She’s just had a call from our representative at the Ritz, Denise. It seems that when the bride delivered her welcome bags, she had been crying and Denise noticed it, and asked her mom what was wrong. Next thing you know, wheels are set in motion: Denise has called the stationer to say that if she can reprint the inside page, the Ritz staff will pick them up, along with the incorrect programs, and reassemble them. No charge. They just want her to be happy.
The bride is thrilled and can’t believe it. I say, this is the difference between good vendors who care, and those who really don’t. 
The lesson: It’s not so much about how your wedding vendors work when things are going fine, it’s about how they react and respond when there is a problem. This is Ritz Level Service. Every bride deserves it!
Everyone Is Looking for Their Prints Charming

Let’s talk wedding gifts today! And we will talk more specifically about weddings prints. We love this trend of giving a bride and groom something personalized that they can either frame and hang in their home, or put a magnet on it to keep on their refrigerator until they are done with it and throw it away! They are great for the shopper on a budget, but still pack a lot of heartfelt punches (in the nicest way). Here are three (because all good things come in threes) of our favorites we have found from Etsy! 

This one can be found here.

This one can be found here.

You can find this one here.

Hope you like them! We sure do!


Are you looking for a unique ring for your husband or even forgoing the traditional diamonds for something simple? Check out these amazing rings! They offer a ton of looks and finishes and are really durable! Check out Their FAQ page and you will hooked!

Extra! Extra! (Read All About It)

This is somewhat of a cautionary tale. More of a warning per say. Always. ALWAYS. Always order extras. There is always someone who doesn’t RSVP and will show up or bring a plus one without letting you know. It is better to always have a few extra than have someone go without! So simple, but we cannot tell you how often the extras are forgotten!

From the Emergency Kit: Visine

If you have ever met me, you know that I am prepared for practically any situation. My Emergency Kit is with me at every wedding and there is not many emergency wedding situations that I can’t solve with it. So we are starting a new blog category, “From the Emergency Kit.”

This time we are talking about Visine. It seems like a reasonable thing to have in the kit. Perfect for itchy and dry eyes, just like the commercial says.

BUT did you know that it can also relieve red splotches caused by stress? One of my brides had them all over her chest because of nerves and Visine took care of it!

Who knew!

Photo Booth We Love!

We LOVE photo booths, but there are few that we can say are ADORABLE. We love the idea of having your guests stand behind this Polaroid prop!

How cute is that? Simple and even easy to make too!!

Wedding Truths

It’s true…

Yes, the day will fly by

Yes, if you’ve been planning a while, you will have a “lull period” in the middle, before things get busy the last 6 weeks

Yes, you may get tired of the planning near the end, even if you’re gung-ho at the beginning and loving it 

Yes, you will have questions that make you go, hmmm, I never thought of that

Yes, some of your vendors may suddenly become difficult communicators

Yes, you will be in “bride land” the last few days and will not want to make any decisions or talk to anyone

Yes, it’s ok to not answer your phone those last few days

Yes, this will be the best day of your life!

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