If any or all of these make you say YES!, please keep reading to learn how Circle of Love Weddings can help to make your wedding calm, stress-free, and just right for the two of you, your families and your guests.



Circle of Love Weddings seeks to create a beautiful, authentic, personalized event for each of our clients, all customized based on each couple's unique needs. There is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to your wedding!

My clients come to me at all stages of the planning: anywhere from 18+ months out to one month out, and may need help with choosing their venue(s), selecting some or all of their vendors, and/or simply figuring out all of the creative and logistical details that a wedding entails. No matter where you are in the planning process or how much help you would like, we will work together to create an amazing, stress-free wedding for you.

All levels of service include:

  • Complimentary one-hour initial consultation
  • Vendor referrals based on your needs and requirements
  • Daria will personally work with you during the entire planning period and will be with you for your entire wedding day
  • An associate coordinator who will assist Daria at your wedding
  • The highest level of customer service and integrity

All pricing is personalized, based on the specifics of your wedding. Please inquire for more information on creating your customized wedding plan, or explore the different levels of service to see which one describes you and your needs best.


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Do my services sound like they would be a good fit for your needs? Please contact me to set up your free initial one-hour consultation meeting. It is best if we can talk over the phone prior to setting your appointment, so we can go over the specifics of your wedding (date, location, budget, your preferred level of service, etc.). Don't worry if you don't know what some or all of these specifics are yet! I am here to help you figure them out.

During your initial consultation, we'll meet in a relaxed atmosphere and take some time to evaluate your needs, and discuss your wedding ideas and dreams, what you've accomplished so far, what challenges you need to overcome, and how a wedding consultant can assist you. There is no obligation to sign anything at this consultation. We can accomplish this step over the phone or Skype if necessary. I have worked with many couples who live all over the country and even internationally.

Upon your decision to work with me, I will send you my contract to sign. Once the contract is returned to me along with the deposit necessary to secure your date, we will get started on your wedding! I look forward to partnering with you.


When you choose Circle of Love Weddings, my full attention will be on you and your wedding. No matter which services you choose, these are my personal guarantees to all of my clients:

  • You have my commitment to quality and integrity.
  • You will receive prompt, personalized service.
  • You will always have all of the same information I have.
  • I will listen carefully to you and your ideas for your wedding.
  • I will provide email and telephone consultations to you during regular business hours at no charge.
  • You are always the final decision-maker.
  • Most important, you will enjoy a joyful, stress-free celebration.


There are many other events to be included under the wedding umbrella, and I would be thrilled to assist you and your family in the planning of these as well. Please inquire for more information on the following events:

  • Engagement Party
  • Bridal Shower
  • Rehearsal Luncheon/Dinner
  • Bridesmaids' Luncheon
  • Wedding Weekend Events
  • Morning-After Brunch
  • Baby Shower


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