It's so important to have a planner...the right planner.
-Jonathan (groom)     

Holly & Jonathan
March 3, 2013 · Atlanta, GA

About The Wedding
Jonathan is good friends with Frank Ski and they love going to his restaurant, so Holly and Jonathan thought it would be a cool place for their night of "Mazel Tovs and Martinis" (per the invitation!). Holly loves pink, so everything possible was hot pink, including her Swarovski crystal shoes. The evening began with a "swanky cocktail hour" complete with a strolling trumpeter, and guests then joined Holly and Jonathan on the beautifully draped and lit covered patio for a heartfelt and funny ceremony. Holly and Jonathan wrote their own vows, and Jonathan's son Zachary joined them under the huppah and held the rings as best man. The party then continued late into the evening with DJ Baby Yu spinning. Guests danced, ate and drank, as old Audrey Hepburn movies played silently on the TVs. Holly and Jonathan departed as guests shook pink pom poms!

My Favorite Detail
This is a hard one, because Holly had so many cute personal touches! I think this one was my favorite just because she was so excited about it: she had visited the Funky Shack to rent cake plateaus, and in their shop they have a hot pink metal streetlamp with globes at the top. Holly talked them into letting her rent that too, and we put it right by the dance floor as a focal point and picture spot. She was so happy - which of course I love!

My Favorite Moment
I was able to watch the ceremony through the windows between the main restaurant and the patio, which gave me a perfect view of the huppah. Holly was radiantly happy, and it was so wonderful and sweet to see.

Ceremony and Reception
Frank Ski's Restaurant

Officiant Rabbi Brad Levenberg, Temple Sinai
Photographer Robin Gaucher
Ceremony Music
Melvin Miller
Baker Publix Town Brookhaven
Milestones Events
DJ DJ Baby Yu
Hair Shear Love
Host Hotel The Grand Hyatt
Specialty Rentals The Funky Shack
Lighting Unique Event Management

Comments From The Couple
"Hiring Circle of Love weddings is one of the few things that I actually did right during this whole process. Daria is the most calm, cool and collected person to work with and can manage your day with her eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back on one foot while reciting the alphabet backwards. Details, details, details is her middle name, (certainly not mine), which made us a perfect match.

I interviewed five wedding coordinators before I got to Daria. It was worth the aggravation I had to go through to finally get to the right person. Also let me say this, if you think you can get away without having a person run the show for you, you are sadly mistaken; as I was trying to do it all myself.

Let's just say I was completely smoking crack until I came to the realization that I wouldn't be able to be the bride, be sane, look fabulous, be calm, handle all the details, show up on time with my head on straight and meet with all the vendors to make sure they knew what they were doing without help. If your fiance works as much as mine does, you will find yourself alone in this process if you don't have help. I don't care how close you and your mother are; you NEED a neutral party who will be nonjudgmental and won't try to change your vision or talk you out of your ideas." ~ Holly (bride)

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Photos courtesy of Robin Gaucher



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