This was the most perfect day ever.
-Wilson (groom)     

Amelia & Wilson
June 15, 2013 · Atlanta, GA

About The Wedding
Amelia and Wilson's wedding was a very interesting juxtaposition of traditional and non-traditional. They had their ceremony at First Presbyterian, which is a beautiful, historic church in Midtown. Wilson's family has been church leaders for generations, both he and his brother were baptized there, and Wilson is currently a church elder. A close friend of theirs officiated the lovely ceremony, during which Amelia and Wilson literally "tied the knot" as their unity tradition. We then traveled to one of my favorite venues, Cator Woolford Gardens, which is an idyllic garden space near Decatur (most especially on the gorgeous day we were blessed with! I'm four for four so far this summer...thank heavens!). Here, Amelia's style held sway: the decor, designed and partially created by her, featured asymmetrical natural design, wood slices, jars, candles and lace doilies, all accented by beautiful blooms from Viridis. Guests enjoyed cocktails and Zest's dinner buffet in the Garden while the Dixie Jigs fiddled. They then traveled by golf cart up the hill to the indoor Atrium, where cupcakes and a dance band awaited them. And of course, we can't forget the groom's cake: Kermit the Frog on a log! Wilson chose his favorite Muppet, and fortuitously, the log went perfectly with all of the other wood decor!

My Favorite Detail
Wilson's dad borrowed a friend's 1964 Chevrolet - it was a boat of a car, painted light turquoise! They took it from the church to the reception, and then from the reception to their after party in Decatur.

My Favorite Moment
As regular followers know, it's very important to me that my clients have a private moment before joining the reception, so they can eat and be with each other. Dana with Zest had the brilliant idea to let them eat at the top of the stone staircase which leads up from the Garden. They were hidden from sight, but they could look down on the guests and the beautiful decor. It was quite a magical space! After they were finished, they walked down the stairs to join their guests, as the band played "Here Comes The Bride."

First Presbyterian Church
Reception Cator Woolford Gardens

Alea Moore Photography
Hardy Kim
Salon Red
Zest Catering
Florist Viridis Floral Designs
Miss Mamie's
Dinner Band
The Dixie Jigs
Dance Band
Atlanta Time Machine Band
Host Hotel
Courtyard by Marriott Decatur
Stationery and Fans DecoMarj
Tents, Tents, Tents

Amelia and Wilson were featured in the New York Times Vows section on 6/16/13! Read about Amelia's bridesmaid's amazing story, which happened when we had just a month to go before the wedding. It's truly a miracle.

Comments From The Family
"There was a time I didn't even know what a wedding planner was, or what they did. Now I know how unbelievably priceless you are. I have only glowing recommendations for you. You earned every penny... and more! Maybe you have a chameleon-like ability to relate to whomever you must, but I appreciated your personality and ability to relate to us! Thanks a million!" ~ Linda (MOB)

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Photos courtsey of Alea Moore Photography


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