Thank you so much for everything!
-Meghan and Beth     

Meghan & Beth
July 13, 2013 · Atlanta, GA

About The Wedding
Meghan and Beth and I worked together to plan a casual, comfortable cocktail party to celebrate Meghan and Beth's wedding. They wanted a party with their Atlanta friends, since they did a private wedding ceremony in Iowa, with only their parents in attendance. Studio 887 was the perfect setting for their intimate event, with a classic black and white color scheme, punctuated with pops of lime green. As with so many of my Bold brides, Meghan was very excited about the mac and cheese station, as well as the cheesecake wedding cake! They originally didn't want dancing but it's a good thing they hired a DJ at the last minute, because the dance floor was packed!

My Favorite Detail
Beth loved her shoes and so did I - check out the purple soles!

Studio 887 at King Plow Arts Center

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