You really know what you are doing, when to step forward and when to hold back.
-Maggie (MOB)     

Alison & David
October 19, 2013 · Atlanta, GA

About The Wedding
Alison and David are two of the most laid-back people I've ever met. Although they didn't have very many vendors, Alison and her mom realized about halfway into the planning process that they needed some help wrapping up some of the hiring and getting organized for the big day. The one thing that was super important to Alison and David from the beginning was that the ceremony would be held outdoors in the church's beech grove, where they met. Alison's mom wasn't sure about the logistics for this, but we managed to figure it out, much to Alison's delight. The wedding day dawned rainy...oh no! After a couple of phone calls in the morning (and several on my part to my mother, also known as the weather guru), we decided it looked safe to hold the 5:00 ceremony outdoors. When we arrived at the church it was still drizzling but looked brighter, so after some back and forth (Alison's mom was adamantly opposed to the risks of the outdoor option), we decided to go for it! The weather cleared, and the ceremony was beautifully officiated by Rebecca. After a few more photos, we traveled to the Wimbish House (one of my favorite venues) for the reception. David is the executive chef at Lure, a Fifth Group restaurant, so of course Bold American catered the dinner, and several of David's chefs got to work at the event. The fabulous menu was supplemented with some Lure specialties, including raw oysters, and dulce de leche brownies for dessert. The evening flowed seamlessly and casually from cocktail hour to dinner to dancing, with guests enjoying the entire house, and themselves, all evening. Alison and David then departed to a fabulous honeymoon in Paris, Venice and Croatia.

My Favorite Detail
In order to keep the casual vibe (and also fit everyone in), there was not a true delineation between cocktail hour and dinner. Instead of being introduced into the lower ballroom, as is typically done at the Wimbish House, Alison and David had the idea to be introduced down the main curved staircase, which is a beautiful photo opportunity. Guests joined them as they danced to Count Basie's Boogie Woogie, played by the band's pianist, and then the party continued.

My Favorite Moment
As I mentioned above, it was touch and go with the weather for a while. I was even a little bit nervous as the processional was beginning, because it was still cloudy. But just as Alison and David were saying their vows and exchanging rings, the sun came out, and shone beautifully through the trees onto the couple. What a truly magical moment. As they recessed back up the aisle, Alison gave me a big hug and thanked me for supporting her in having the outdoor wedding she had wished for. Always my pleasure! I was so thankful it worked out for them!

St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church
The Wimbish House

Rebecca Parker
Photographer Alecia Lauren Photography
Ceremony Musicians
Rebecca Flank, string quartet
Bob Steele Salon
Bold American
Flowers Whole Foods
Band Papa Sol
Host Hotel Loews Atlanta

Comments From The Family
"I want to thank you for everything you did to make the wedding a lovely event for all of us. You held our hands for months in advance, sent those to-do-lists to keep us on track, and caught all the balls that were falling on the day of the wedding. You really know what you are doing, when to step forward and when to hold back. You have my sincere gratitude." ~ Maggie (MOB)

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Photos courtesy of Alecia Lauren Photography

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