Everything is going so perfectly! I'm so happy!
-Elizabeth (bride)     

Elizabeth & Bryant
October 26, 2013 · Atlanta, GA

About The Wedding
Elizabeth and her mom hired me more than 18 months before Elizabeth and Bryant's wedding, so we had lots of time to plan every detail. As Elizabeth's dad noted during his toast, Elizabeth is a very sentimental person, and all of the details of the wedding were meaningful to her and Bryant. The day began with lots of family and wedding party photos all over the campus of Elizabeth's alma mater, Agnes Scott College. They even got some with the president of the school! With all the photos complete, we continued on to the church, which Elizabeth's parents joined when they were first married, and in which Elizabeth was raised. A beautiful ceremony filled with music was one of the highlights of the day, and it was a joy to see Elizabeth and Bryant gazing into each others' eyes, unable to stop smiling. After the ceremony, a 1947 Rolls Royce awaited the couple, as they exited the church in a hail of lavender and paused for a group photo of all of the wedding guests. Then came the party, and what a party it was! As both sides are "rabid" Georgia Bulldogs fans, the reception theme of red and black was a natural fit. We traveled back to Agnes Scott College, where cocktails and hors d'oeuvres awaited guests in the gorgeous Evans Dining Hall. Guests then found their seats, and were greeted with individual favors: black pashminas for the ladies, and craft beer in red bags for the gentlemen. As Elizabeth and Bryant had met at a beer festival, beer played an important role in the theme as well, with all the tables names after different Georgia beers, and two different home brews on offer at the bar. Instead of special champagne flutes, they had engraved pint glasses. After a round of touching speeches from Elizabeth's parents, grandparents and godparents, the couple cut their cakes, including the surprise Sanford Stadium cake that Elizabeth had ordered for Bryant. Dancing followed, capped by the unusual but super fun choice of HelterSkelter for the last dance. Elizabeth and Bryant departed for the after-party at one of their favorite Decatur spots, and to their happily ever after.

My Favorite Detail
Elizabeth and Bryant both have male and female friends and siblings, so they mixed the sides of the wedding party so that each side included both sexes. I love it when couples do what is meaningful to them, rather than being forced into following old-style traditions!

My Favorite Moment
The last Georgia surprise was the best one of all: Elizabeth had booked Hairy Dawg, the Bulldogs' mascot, to make a special appearance as they cut the stadium cake. We were able to keep it a complete surprise, and Bryant was thrilled!

Trinity Lutheran Church
Agnes Scott College

Photographer Brian Cole Photography
Zach Porter Photography
Hair and Makeup
Siggers stylists
Agnes Scott College
Cocktail Hour Music
The Matchmaker
Gaby's Mexican Bakery and Sweet N Sinful
Petals a Florist
The Magictones
Atlantic Limousine
Dance Lessons
All About Ballroom
Host Hotel
Courtyard Atlanta Decatur

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Photos courtesy of Brian Cole Photography

Comments From The Couple
"Daria was great. We hired her for the "Day of Plus" package, which meant she technically started helping us with our wedding ~6 weeks out from the event. I say technically because Daria really started helping from the moment we hired her over a year in advance. Via email: She helped me find reputable vendors that met my price point, she looked over contracts, she gave general advice. It was great having her help along the way! I wanted to design my own wedding, so this package was perfect. It gave me the freedom to create my own personalized wedding, but Daria took over the week of the wedding, so I could enjoy. If something went wrong on the wedding day, I never knew about it! She does an excellent job setting up the venue and coordinating all the vendor deliveries, etc." ~ Elizabeth (bride)

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