You = priceless
-Mitra (bride)     

Mitra & Sean
November 1, 2014 · Atlanta, GA

About The Wedding
Mitra, who works for CNN, needed help planning her wedding since she travels so much. In fact, about halfway through the planning process, she was sent to Malaysia indefinitely to cover the missing airplane (the story of the year in 2014). For a while, we weren't sure she would be able to come back in time for the wedding! Eventually she did come home, and we wrapped up all the details of this very interesting wedding. Sean is British, and Mitra has Iranian heritage, so the ceremony was a traditional Persian-style ceremony, with some Anglican details. It was fascinating! The Biltmore's Georgian Ballroom looked gorgeous with the chairs in a circular format and a small, low stage (known as a sofreh, or spread) in the center. Mitra's aunts had provided all the decorative items needed, all of which have some sort of symbolism attached to them; such as a mirror, candles, bread, sugar and honey, coins and nuts. All of the items on the sofreh represent elements in nature (earth, fire, water and wind), which are deeply ingrained in Persian literature and culture, especially during celebrations such as weddings. Mitra's uncle officiated, and took care to explain all the traditions and items on the stage. A highlight of the ceremony was when Mitra's attendants (all in different dresses of their choosing) held a decorative canopy over Mitra and Sean's head, and ground sugar cones together, to symbolize showers of sweetness over their marriage. Who knew that having super strong triceps was a requirement for being a bridesmaid in a Persian wedding? After the ceremony, guests repaired to the foyer for cocktail hour, while Mitra and Sean took more family photos and had their private date. Meanwhile, the ballroom was being transformed, with the dinner stations set up and the tables decorated with flowers in shades of ivory and green, with pops of bright pink and red as accents (I was so happy we decided to use pink napkins - they really dressed up the tables!). The reception followed the traditional American-style format, so guests enjoyed a classic Southern dinner menu, as well as wedding cake and mini desserts, listened to toasts, and then danced the night away until it was time for Mitra and Sean to depart on their month-long honeymoon before moving to Hong Kong.

My Favorite Detail
For favors, Mitra and Sean provided tins of Walker Mints, a traditional English mint, which also happens to bear Sean's last name!

My Favorite Moment
It's always a challenge with international fusion weddings to ensure that the traditions are appropriately mixed and each family feels comfortable with everything that's happening, so that everyone feels equally a part of the celebration. Particularly during the ceremony, but also later when the families were mixing and mingling during dinner and dancing, it was very clear that everyone was comfortable with each other and excited to experience each new-to-them tradition. Merging two families into one - isn't that what a wedding is all about?

Ceremony and
Reception The Biltmore Ballrooms

Officiant Morteza Mohtashami
Photographer The Decisive Moment
Wages Film
Caterer Bold American
Baker Frosted Pumpkin
Florist Tulip
DJ Amp'd Atlanta
Photo Booth
Robot Booth
Chargers Event Rentals Unlimited
Host Hotels Loews Atlanta Hotel and Renaissance Atlanta Midtown
Paper Goods DecoMarj

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