When it’s over, you will realize that hiring Daria was the best investment you made.
-J (bride)     

J & R
August 29, 2015 · Atlanta, GA

About The Wedding
J hired me just three months before the wedding, having just switched venues from one in Asheville to the Emory Conference Center in Atlanta. She needed help booking vendors and pulling together all the details, and together we made it happen! It was an Italian-American affair (he is Italian, she is American), and a small wedding. The groom is an orphan, but we were grateful his aunt and cousins were able to travel over from Italy (their first trip to America!). Even with only three months to plan, we had several dramatic moments - the groom came down with pneumonia the week before the wedding, the priest had kidney stones the morning of the wedding, and we worked through some major family drama during the planning process. But all was well on the wedding day and the ceremony took place at the Houston Mill House, outdoors in front of the gazebo. The florist envisioned hanging arrangements, which graced both the gazebo itself and the gorgeous tree next to it, and really framed the ceremony area in a subtle way. The hot pink floral color scheme continued in the reception in the Silverbell Pavilion, providing gorgeous pops of color and lots of impact for relatively little money. After cocktail hour on the front terrace, during which guests wrote messages to the couple on Jenga pieces, the evening continued with a buffet dinner and delicious custom wedding cake (chocolate hazelnut flavored with almonds). There were special cookie favors at each place - each bag contained an Italian wedding cookie and a heart-shaped pecan cookie. The couple and some die-hard friends stayed on the dance floor until the very end, and then they departed to their honeymoon in Scotland as guests lit sparklers.

My Favorite Detail
For the introductions of the wedding party, the bride put together funny descriptions of each person and how they are related to her and the groom. Made it much more interesting than simply calling out the names!

My Favorite Moment
My good weather luck continues to hold at the Houston Mill House! The forecast (and the sky) called for rain, and there actually were a few drops just 10 minutes before the ceremony began, but it passed over and we never saw another cloud - although the evening did turn delightfully cool!

Ceremony Houston Mill House
Reception Emory Conference Center Hotel

Officiant Msgr. Henry Gracz
Photographer Katy Cook Photography
Hair The Moore Agency (Kimberly)
Makeup Veronica Sitterding (Samantha)
Caterer The Emory Conference Center Hotel
Baker Sweet Caroline's
DJ EEP Events, DJ Jimmy Economos
Favors Gingerspice Bakery
Florist Petals A Florist
Paper Goods Deco Marj
Host Hotel The Emory Conference Center Hotel
Rehearsal Dinner The Emory Conference Center Hotel
Gown Bride Beautiful

Comments From The Couple
"Although there is not enough space to outline all of the reasons why you should hire Daria MacGregor as your wedding coordinator, here are five:

1. Working with Daria will save you time. I was able to interview her top two or three recommendations before finding each vendor I was excited to work with within my budget.

2. Daria will provide guidance that lets you get the best value for your money. Given your preferences, style, and budget, there will be items on which it makes sense to invest less or more. Daria gives great advice on both.

3. Working with Daria will reduce your stress. Her organized system is extremely helpful, she is an expert on all things having to do with weddings, she gives wonderful advice, and she's fun to work with.

4. You will get the best customer service from all of your vendors when you work with Daria. When the vendors are excited that things will run smoothly, they can focus on doing what they do best. Their enthusiasm over being part of a wedding that Daria is coordinating translates into outstanding customer service for Daria's brides.

5. When it's over, you will realize that hiring Daria was the best investment you made. In addition to everything listed above, on the day of the wedding you and your family will be confident that Daria will take care of the logistics and anything that pops up unexpectedly. (E.g., when my dress hook ripped during pictures, Daria was able to sew it back in before I walked down the aisle.)

In short, Daria is extremely experienced, knowledgeable, personable, responsive, and organized. In addition to these characteristics, what also sets Daria apart is her judgment. Whether you need input on who to hire, where to spend more, where to spend less, how to navigate any family challenges that come up surrounding the event, or all of the above - having Daria by your side will be priceless!" ~ J (bride)

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