It was an amazing day, and we couldn't have done it without you.
-Jamie (bride)     

Jamie & Jeff
June 12, 2016 · Decatur, GA

About The Wedding
I worked with Jamie and Jeff for a year to plan every aspect of their just-right-for-them wedding. As introverts and the type of couple who dislike having a fuss made over them, they wanted to keep it simple, yet very "them," with lots of personalized details. They fell in love with the Old Decatur Courthouse (one of my favorite venues!) for its simplicity and history. As an avid gardener, flowers were important, and Jamie's choices of white and periwinkle blooms brought the perfect breath of summer into the Courthouse. Food was also important, and Zest put together a lovely seated dinner menu with a beef, a fish, and a vegetarian option. A friend of theirs had brewed beer for the wedding, which was a big hit at the bar. Another good friend of theirs officiated the ceremony (it was his first wedding ever!), and then, just as they had wanted, they enjoyed a photo session with Frisco and a relaxing dinner with friends (with a small guest count of 45, they had plenty of time to visit everyone), and then had a fabulous time dancing. It was so nice at the end because they didn't want a big fuss over anything, particularly the departure, and when they were left at the end with just their small core group of friends, I set up the bubble departure right there in the ballroom for them instead of dragging everyone downstairs. It was perfect!

My Favorite Detail
One thing Jamie cared a lot about was the bridesmaids' gowns. She really wanted something different, and looked for a long time (even considering custom gowns) before finally finding gorgeous pastel floral patterned gowns. She then lucked into finding a very similar patterned tie and periwinkle shirt for her one bridesman, and the look she wanted was complete!

My Favorite Moment
Jamie and Jeff's pup Frisco is super important to them (I can relate!), and as such, it was always a given that he would be there for the wedding. He spent the morning hanging out with Jamie, and then stole the show as he made his entrance with his hand-sewn ring pillow on his back. But the best part was how he paraded around the ballroom during the wedding ceremony greeting all the guests, and then came to lie down on the train of Jamie's gown just as she and Jeff were exchanging vows! I loved that she just let him lay there and didn't freak out about her gown.

Ceremony and Reception Historic Decatur Courthouse

Officiant Sean Ellis (friend of the couple)
Photographer Tina Rowden
Hair and Makeup Veronica Sitterding (stylists Veronica and Sydney)
DJ SoulSpin Studios (DJ Trey Caples)
Caterer Zest Atlanta
Baker The Cake Hag
Florist Adaption Floral Design
Host Hotel Courtyard by Marriott Decatur
Stationery and Paper Goods Michelle Martin (friend of the bride)
Wedding Gown The Sentimentalist
Tuxes Menguin

Comments From The Couple
Thanks so much for everything you did to make our wedding great. My mom still talks about you helping with her shoes. It was an amazing day, and we couldn't have done it without you. ~ Jamie and Jeff (bride and groom)

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