So thankful for you and all that you have done for us, Daria! The process is way easier.
- Allison     

Allison & Brent
October 22, 2016 · Atlanta, GA

About The Wedding
In what seems to be a trend this year, Brent's mom Trish booked me as a gift for him and Allison, as her parents live overseas, and the two of them are busy starting their careers. They had the venue, band and caterer already booked, and were looking for help with booking the rest of their vendors, as well as communicating with the venue. Ponce City Market is an amazing redevelopment of the old Sears distribution center in East Atlanta. The management company has a lot going on with all the retail, residential and other projects in the gigantic space, and are also in their first year of doing events, so there were some challenges. Of course, everything turned out all right in the end, after some bumps! One big decision Allison agonized over was which space to choose: the open air (tented) rooftop, or the indoor Boiler Room space. In the end, she took my suggestion to have the best of both worlds, and we had the ceremony and cocktail hour on the rooftop, and then brought everyone down to the Boiler Room for dinner and dancing. I was so glad we had made that decision, because wow, was it windy and chilly up there!

The whole wedding was a family affair, with the ceremony officiated by Allison's aunt Judi (a nun), beneath a gorgeous arbor handmade by Allison's dad from wood found in their Stateside home's backyard, and decorated with magnolia leaves from Trish's yard. A unity arbor, how cool is that! The wind was so strong it blew Allison's veil right off her head as she and her dad processed, but she just tossed it away and kept on walking! They got some gorgeous sunset photos with the Atlanta skyline in the background before heading downstairs to their private dinner date, which we had set up in the guest suite that the venue offers to brides (and which was also a super convenient place for the ladies to get ready on the wedding morning!).

Meanwhile, guests headed downstairs to find their seats in the Boiler Room. Luckily, Allison had decided at the last minute to have the florist do the centerpieces (instead of attempting to DIY 34 tables!) and the room looked amazing with lots of candlelight, flowers in shades of cream and peach, and string lights over the dance floor. After a buffet dinner of barbecue, mac and cheese, and tomato cucumber salad, it was all we could do to get Allison and Brent to the dessert table to cut the cake before guests descended upon it. Who could blame them, when it was laden with all sorts of homemade goodies, made with love by Allison's mom and aunts? Allison and Brent never left the dance floor, and at the end we handed out coffee bean favors (Thanks For Bean Here) as well as glowsticks for guests to wave as they departed for their Riviera Maya honeymoon.

My Favorite Detail
Brent and his mom conspired to get Allison a diamond wedding band instead of the plain one she was expecting. I hid the rings in my phone bag until they walked down the aisle, praying all the while she wouldn't ask to check them. Her face as he slid it on her finger as they exchanged vows was priceless!

My Favorite Moment
Aunt Judi was not actually ordained (a pretty typical circumstance when friends or family members are officiating), and so Allison and Brent had planned to actually be married at the courthouse when they got their marriage license. However, that didn't work out for some reason, and she was in a panic. I actually got ordained online last year, so I was able to help them out, and perform my first wedding ceremony! We just did it quickly after the rehearsal, in front of a haystack with Halloween decorations in front of the Ponce City Market elevators. Unforgettable!

Ceremony and Reception Ponce City Market  

Officiant Sister Judi Clemens (bride's aunt)
Photographer Chad Heller Photography
Hair Candace Crook
Makeup Whitney Martin
Florist Moonvine
Caterer LowCountry Catering
Band Emerald Empire
Rentals Peachtree Tents and Events
Lighting Active Production and Design
Transportation Mercedes Benz USA (bride's employer)
Host Hotel Renaissance Atlanta Midtown
Rehearsal Dinner The Wimbish House

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Design: Butler Creative | Programming: Ben McMath