We were just discussing how carefree and enjoyable our wedding day was.
-Gloria and Richard     

Gloria & Richard
September 25, 2010 · Atlanta, GA

Log Cabin Church
Private Residence

Officiant Brian Hunt
Reception Music Walter Biel
Photographer Kristin Lynch
Caterer Hallie Jane's Catering
Florist Carithers
Cupcakes Miss Mamie's
Accommodations Ritz-Carlton Buckhead

Comments From The Couple
We were just discussing how carefree and enjoyable our wedding day was -- because you were there to look over the thousand things we never knew that needed to be taken care of. Our weekend was unbelievably wonderful! 

So many people (including our three daughters) commented on how they want you to run their weddings! Everything happened in an environment as easy as hearding cats -- without any yelling or terroristic threats. I'm really not sure how you accomplish that, but rest assured I know it is part art, part science, part magic. Gloria was telling me how people always say, "When something goes wrong on your wedding day, and something will go wrong...".  Nothing went wrong, nothing at all.

Thank you again for all of your help. We could not have done it, or enjoyed it, without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Gloria and Richard

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