You're the bomb! Thanks so much for your time and generosity.
-Nikki (Bride)     

Nikki & Matt
March 10, 2012 · Alpharetta, GA

About The Wedding
What an absolutely perfect day we had for this wedding! It was an unusually warm day for March, with a cloudless blue sky. The traditional ceremony took place in the church sanctuary, and then guests enjoyed an alfresco brunch in the church's courtyard. Nikki and Matt slipped away for a private picnic in a nearby field, and then joined their guests for bluegrass music and fun photos with their custom-made photo booth wall.

My Favorite Detail
Had to be the wedding bell piñata! I'm not sure who had more fun trying to break it: the bride and the other adults, or the kids!

My Favorite Moment
Hearing the groom gush to his guests, "I'm the luckiest man in the world!" Awwww...

Ceremony and Reception Birmingham United Methodist Church

Officiant Rev. John Hardie
OneNine Images
Original Pancake House and groom's family
Coffee Bar
Mocha My Day
Orna's Cakes
Kelley Curl
Cup O Joe
Wedding Angels
MacMillan Design (groom's company)

Comments From The Couple
"When my husband and I got engaged, we were sure that we could do a DYI wedding. No matter how much I tried to keep it simple, stress made its way into the mix. I finally admitted that I needed help with the wedding, so I contacted Daria. I only wish I would have done it sooner! She made the rest of the planning and the day-of events run smoothly. The day of the wedding, when I walked into the venue with my dress in hand, Daria was there smiling and EVERYTHING was in place, and perfect!" ~ Nikki (bride)

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Photos courtesy of Andy Brophy, OneNine Images.
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