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Breakfast For Two (Hundred)

Who said that weddings have to be in the evening? How cute is this idea? A wedding reception brunch! 

Instead of the typical wedding and a dinner reception, how about a morning wedding followed by a cereal buffet, or biscuits with different jellies and jams or even french toast bites complete with syrup! What about catering by a pancake house? They will come with a griddle and make fresh pancakes for your guests, which I can tell you from experience will be quite popular. 

Or, who says time of day has to dictate your menu? Why not do breakfast for dinner? When you think outside the box, the possibilities are endless!

Cautionary tale: if you opt for a cereal bar like one of our beautiful couples did, don’t forget the milk! My sweet husband (who was assisting at this lovely event) was so kind to run out to the store during the ceremony… told you he is Superman!).

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