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Zip It! Your Gown, That Is…

A Cautionary Tale:

Double check all wedding gown and wardrobe details before your wedding day!

(Or, reason #529 why the venue coordinator is not the same as a wedding planner.)

This is a true story.

The scene: Bride is being zipped into her gown, and the zipper comes unthreaded. Bride is panicking, mother is panicking, no one has an emergency kit with them. They go to find the venue coordinator to solve the problem.

Her response?

“It’s not like I have a needle and thread.”

The outcome?

Thankfully, the hairdresser’s assistant had a leatherman tool and they were able to take the zipper apart and rethread it. They just hoped no one noticed the small hole at the bottom where they put the zipper back in to the dress.

How can you avoid a dress disaster?

Check the zipper and all other details a week before the wedding. If there is a problem, you have time to fix it!

Make sure that someone that is going to help you get ready on the big day is bringing a sewing kit with her and knows how to use it!

And lastly, if you have a wedding planner, he or she will have an emergency kit that can handle just about any problem! Talk with your planner and make sure she is prepared!

Photo courtesy of Ben Vigil Photography

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