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Amanda’s Planning Journey: Those Pesky RSVPs

It’s me, Amanda! As my wedding draws closer and closer, there are a few things that I have come to realize would have made my life so much easier. Today we are going to talk about those pesky RSVP’s. Little did I know that when I was sending our invitations, the response cards would soon become the bane of my very existence! Maybe that is a little dramatic, but hey, it’s close to wedding week and I’m a little on edge.

If you recall from an earlier post what my invitations look like, there is a tear-off postcard located at the bottom of the full size page invitation. The recipient removes the postcard, fills it out and puts it in the mail. Not that hard, right? Wrong!

To date, we have gotten eleven response cards with no name on them. So we have no clue who is coming or not. This is when I am reminded of that tidbit I once read on Pinterest to number your RSVPs with a corresponding number of the guest on the guest list. That way, when you receive a RSVP with no name, you can cross-check against your list with no awkwardness! Boy do I wish I followed that advice!

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