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Professional Wedding Makeup: Definitely A Do!

Why Daria Wishes She Had Her Makeup Done Professionally For Her Wedding

When planning a wedding, brides and their families often look for ways to save money. Having your makeup done is one of the first things to go when cutting the budget. However, what brides don’t realize is that while they may be saving a few bucks, chances are they are going to wish they had splurged for this little detail!

We interviewed our primary wedding consultant, Daria, about why she regrets not having her makeup done professionally on her wedding day:

Q: Why did you choose to do your own makeup for your wedding?

D: I just didn’t think it was a big deal, and I didn’t want to spend the money to have it done.

Q: Did you like it at the time?

D: Again, I just didn’t think much about it – I didn’t know how much I didn’t know! I just figured I would do mainly what I normally did, and it would be fine, not a big deal.

Another mistake I made was experimenting with a new powder/foundation combo, but I didn’t test it out ahead of time!

Q: Looking back, why do you wish you had your makeup done?

D: Because I absolutely hate my face in my wedding pictures! I look like a ghost because my face is so white, and it clearly doesn’t match the rest of my skin. Ugh!

Q: What is your advice to brides who are contemplating not having their makeup professionally done?

D: Along with everything else you’re spending, it can seem like a frivolous expense. However, unless you frequently do your own makeup for TV, modeling or the stage, it’s very hard to know how to apply it (and what products to use) so that it looks natural and you feel like yourself, but yet you’re wearing enough so that the photos turn out great. You’ll be in several different lighting situations through the course of the day, and a pro will know how to make your makeup look good in all of these. Plus, they will use products that will last the whole 10-12 hours, through crying, hugging, dancing, etc. Isn’t loving how you look in your photos worth a couple hundred dollars? I certainly wish I had spent it!

Daria, while she was indeed a beautiful bride, wishes she had spent the money on something that would only enhance her beauty. Just because you have your makeup done by professionals doesn’t mean you will look “made-up.” Look at how natural this beautiful bride looks:

You are going to want to look the best you possibly can for your wedding photos while still looking and feeling like yourself. It is a day you will remember for the rest of your life! You should love the way you look!

Photos courtesy of Ron Kerr Photography and Alecia Lauren Photography

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