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Insure Yourself – And Your Wedding!

We get this question a lot: “What is wedding insurance?” The bigger question: do you need wedding insurance? The short answer is, it’s a good idea, just in case! Here are three reasons:

Vendor failure to perform

A wedding can be quite the expensive endeavor. If you pay a baker to provide you a cake that costs, oh let’s say a mere $500, and that cake doesn’t show up, what do you do? With wedding insurance, you get that money back. Without insurance, the lack of cake will leave you with quite a foul taste in your mouth.

(Read this post for a real-life missing cake story!)

Host liability

If you are serving alcohol at your wedding and for some reason one of your guests gets into an accident driving home, host liability insurance can protect you.

Wedding cancellation

2020 update (and one reason we’re bumping this post up): in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, wedding cancellation insurance is a hot topic. Those couples who had insurance to cover lost deposits for cancelled weddings have at least a small silver lining to their disappointment. And now, many venues are requiring it!

For peace of mind at a relatively small cost, we recommend purchasing wedding insurance from Wedsafe.com. They are reasonably priced and our clients have had nothing but good experiences using them! Also check with your homeowners’ insurance, as sometimes you have coverage options there.

Note: We are not lawyers and we do not purport to provide legal advice! Always check with a lawyer for advice specific to your situation!

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