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What To Expect From A Tasting

So you’re ready to choose your caterer. What does it mean to have a tasting, and what can you expect?

Private vs. Group Tastings

Caterers typically offer either private tastings or group tastings. Group tastings take place once a month or so, and the caterers set up lots of different food items and invite many clients. The benefit to this is that you’ll get to see exactly how the food is typically presented, and get a chance to sample many different options. The downside is that you may not be tasting exactly what will be on your menu.

Some caterers offer private tastings (before you book them). This means that it will just be you and your group (usually up to 4 people), and you’ll get to sample the exact items you are considering for your menu. Since some menu items are difficult to prepare in small portions, there may be some limitations on the items you can choose to taste.

The Purpose of a Tasting

Either way, the purpose of a tasting is for you to interview the caterer, get to know how they work, how the food is presented and how it’s generally seasoned. You may not be tasting the exact items you’ll serve at your wedding, but you’ll get a feel for the general food style. You may even choose something you hadn’t previously considered!

Once you book your caterer, you can certainly make tweaks to your menu, such as adjusting sauces or sides or switching out hors d’oeuvres, or even change the format of the meal (from buffet to plated dinner, for example). 

All part of the process!

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