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Bright Idea: DJ Songlist App

Have you ever wondered what songs people want to hear at a wedding?

There’s an app for that!

One of our DJ friends is a genius. He has come up with an app to help you compile a song list for your event! It is available in the Apple Store now!

About the DJ Songlist app:

  • It is an easy-to-use iPhone and iPad application that provides full service music planning and organization for any event. Perfect for weddings, corporate parties and all other special events where a DJ or band has been hired.
  • DJ Songlist has assembled the top songs DJs and bands have played from thousands of events and sorted them into easy to use categories to help you organize your event songlist.
  • It allows you to create one or multiple lists for your event. You can save, edit and preview the list and songs you have chosen.
  • Email your finished song list to your DJ or band and others directly from the DJ Songlist app so they can see exactly what songs you want played at your party.
  • Download songs you have chosen in DJ songlist from the Apple Music store and add them to your music library.
  • DJ Songlist is updated monthly to include the hottest new music tracks
  • You can also add songs not already in the library by searching the iTunes library and adding them directly to your list

How cool is it that the professionals in our industry are constantly working to make your wedding planning experience easier and more enjoyable? Check it out by searching DJ Songlist in the App Store, or check out their website here!

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