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Bright Idea: Monogrammed Butter

It’s All in the Details…

Let’s be honest here. A wedding, correctly put together, is full of details. Little things that make the guests say “Wow, I would have never thought of that.” In fact, when we saw this minute detail in the Southern Living magazine Thanksgiving edition, that’s what we were saying!

While yes, Pam Lolley’s grandmother-in-law’s probably fantastic dinner rolls must be delicious, we are more interested in what is featured in the upper right corner. Monogrammed butter. 

Picture it. A table set with fine china stemware and silverware. Bread rolls already on the table, perhaps even made from Pam Lolley’s grandmother-in-law’s recipe. And next to each place setting there is a small dish with butter in it. Not just any butter: monogrammed butter. How cool is that? It is a small detail that can make your day stand out among the rest! It is all in the details!

You can find personalized monogram butter molds here.

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