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What Is Ritual?

What Is Ritual?

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A vital part of any ceremony or rite is ritual. A ceremony depends on ritual to imbue it with meaning. Rituals themselves are ceremonies, in that they “fit together” (the root of the word ritual) and honor the turning-point events of our lives, as well as our daily activities.

Ritual Is Metaphor

A ritual uses symbolic acts to remind us of a truth, or to embody a concept by engaging the senses and the imagination, to enable us to see beyond what’s literally occurring, and experience different levels of meaning.

For example, when a couple lights a unity candle during their wedding ceremony to symbolize the blending of two families, this is a symbolic act, and a ritual within the ceremony.

Action With Intention

In its most basic sense, a ritual is any action that we do with intention – whether just once or many times – as opposed to a habit, which is done regularly but perhaps mindlessly. A ritual connects us to the present moment, enabling us to become mindful, and attentive only to what we’re doing at that moment.

For example, washing your hands could be a mindless habit. Or, you could decide that each time you do it, you’ll focus your attention and transform the act into a moment of gratitude for your hands, and everything they do for you and for others. The intention makes it a ritual. (Thanks to Rob Spencer for this idea!)

Ritual connects us to levels of consciousness beyond the physical. It’s a beautiful opportunity to practice the gift of co-creating with the Divine, manifesting the sacred in our daily lives.

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(Some info adapted from The Art of Ritual, Renée Beck and Sydney Barbara Merick)

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