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A Wonderful Year: 2007 Weddings and Stories

A retrospective of 15 years of our celebrations of love. These are the stories of a wonderful year. Welcome!

2007 was the year of Circle of Love Weddings’ first clients! Thank you to everyone (friends as well as strangers who became friends!) who gave me a chance and trusted me to help you create amazing weddings.

Daria was terrific to work with and helped make our wedding day take place without a hitch. She was incredibly organized and detail-oriented and we didn’t have to worry about a thing. I thank Daria for allowing me to have the completely stress-free wedding day that I wanted!” ~ Karen

2007 Events

Mary Beth & Stephen, married March 3, 2007 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church and Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia. A unique color scheme of navy and lime green for a fabulous and fun couple!

Kate’s Wedding Shower, April 14, 2007, held at her mother’s home in Atlanta, Georgia. A classic shower, the kind I grew up helping my mom to plan and host, which helped to solidify my love of event planning!

Alicia & Peter, married May 19, 2007 at the Trolley Barn in Atlanta, Georgia. A poker-themed wedding, as this beautiful couple met while playing poker!

Kate & Brian, married June 1, 2007 at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and the Historic Georgian, in Athens, Georgia. Kate and her mom loved the shower so much, they hired me to coordinate the wedding!

Amanda & Scott, married July 14, 2007 at The Commons at Stone Mountain Park, Stone Mountain, Georgia. If hashtags were a thing in 2007, theirs would be #rocksteady (Scott’s last name is Steady).

Karen & Bill, married September 2, 2007 at Evergreen Conference Resort, Stone Mountain, Georgia. My first Jewish wedding ceremony! Karen told me I knew more about Jewish traditions than anyone she knew even though I wasn’t Jewish (that’s because I studied up!). Funny story: years later when I had my DNA tested, turns out I am 12 % Jewish!

Laura & Ken’s Baby Shower, December 2, 2007, held at their home in Roswell, Georgia. We had such fun creating the under-the-sea theme! 



Best Dance Move Award

To Mary Beth for literally rolling around on the dance floor while the band played Proud Mary! (Rolling… rolling like a river)

Calmest Groom Award

To Pete, who with a completely straight face and calm demeanor reported to me that their cake had fallen onto the floor and we needed to fix that before Alicia found out. (We did…thanks to the caterer!)

Best Shower Game

At Laura and Ken’s shower, with cell phones beginning to become more ubiquitous, we played “Modern Mother,” in which participants race to diaper and dress a teddy bear while juggling a cell phone. We all thought this was very difficult!

Most Creative Photo

Karen and Bill standing on a rock, seemingly in the middle of Stone Mountain Lake. I recall being somewhat concerned at the time that the bride had to climb out there (before the ceremony!) but it certainly is a cool image! (shown at top and courtesy of Climie + Co.)

Best Vendor

This is the year I met my dear friend Terry Evans, band leader of Terry Lee and the GTs, who played at Mary Beth and Stephen’s wedding. Who can know what blessings come of these seemingly chance meetings? Terry and I have done so many wonderful events together over the years! Thanks, my friend!

Gratitude to all of my beautiful couples, their families, and our fabulous vendors who worked together to create unforgettable events. 

Blessed Be and Namaste ❤️

Photos in gallery courtesy of Gary Waldron Photography, Photo Traditions (Merle Hamburger), Affinity Images and Climie + Co.

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