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Wedding FAQ: Time Off From Work the Week of Your Wedding

Want to be as stress-free as this bride? Take time off from work the week of your wedding!

It always seems that the week of the wedding, it’s work that causes my couples the most stress. There’s so much to finish up, everyone has questions, and they just want to get on with the wedding and have fun!

A question I am asked frequently:

How much time should I (the bride or groom) take off from work the week of the wedding?


Well, ideally the whole week! Of course, in many cases this isn’t possible. I strongly recommend taking at least two vacation days prior to the wedding, and three is better. It’s really amazing just how many last minute details there are to finish up:

  • delivering welcome bags to the hotels
  • picking up the gown and tux/suit
  • mani/pedi
  • bridesmaids’ luncheon
  • visiting with family
  • DIY decor details
  • packing for the honeymoon

And the list goes on and on. Plus, don’t you want to just relax for a little while, and reflect on the upcoming wedding ceremony?

I can say one thing: all of my brides and grooms heave a sigh of relief when work is done and they are officially on vacation!

Photo courtesy of David Bley Storytellers

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