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How to Dress For Your Engagement Pictures

Being engaged is one of those rare times in life when, no matter where you go with your soon-to-be-spouse, you will be photographed. That being said, you always want to look your best! These are the pictures that will go into wedding albums and scrapbooks. So here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are dressing yourselves for the engagement parties, birthday parties, special occasions, or going out in public in general, for goodness sakes!

Be you.

If the two of you don’t normally dress in black tie attire, don’t try it out for your engagement photos. You will feel uncomfortable and it will show in your pictures. On the flip side, if you normally wear old, stained t-shirts, perhaps now might be the time to invest in some new ones…

Coordinate…don’t match.

You want to look casual, not like your moms dressed you for this photo shoot and are waving stuffed animals behind the photographer trying to get the two of you to smile.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and color.

Make it interesting, yet tasteful. Stay away from very small prints as they can mess with the eye and the camera lens. You don’t want your pictures to seem like an optical illusion when printed out. Not a good idea.

Dress for the season.

Ladies, we know you may want to be photographed in a sexy and cute little dress. Not cute in the winter. Even on the sunniest days in winter, you will be cold and the pictures will tell the season whether you like it or not!

Your own wedding season is one of the best times of your life (besides life after marriage, which is also a TON of fun). Make sure you like how you look in the pictures!

Photo courtesy of Jenny Robinson Photography

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