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Put Down That Phone!

We have said it a million times and we will say it again, A Wedding Is Stressful. With the help of the ones you love, a professional team and maybe a drink or two, it is less stressful. Nonetheless, there is one particular culprit that can add unwanted anxiety to your day and that is your cellphone. Turn it off, readers, turn it off! And we aren’t just talking about the day of the wedding; take the plunge and shut it off the day before!

Do you really want or even need to hear about last minute hang-ups, cancellations, lost car keys or a family feud coming to a head? If it is important enough, the caller will either leave a message that you can listen to later, or (better yet) call someone else who isn’t getting married in the next 24 hours.

Just some advice from us here at Circle of Love Weddings! Happy Weekend!

P.S. For a cute idea to head potential callers off at the pass, see this post!

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