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Amanda and Matt’s Wedding: The Clothes

Good morning everyone!! It is Amanda here! I am so excited to share with you the details of what everyone wore to my wedding! So let’s just start from the beginning with what I wore.

I’m just going to flat out say it. I LOVED my dress. It was one-of-a kind because (if you remember) I had it made by a seamstress. There are are several reasons why I would make the same choice over and over and over again.

1. I am super picky when it come to what I wear. If it is trendy, it’s out. If it is expected, it’s out. 

2. If I am completely honest, I have had this dream of a wedding dress in my head for almost two years and I couldn’t find anything even remotely close to what I was looking for.

3. I wanted pink.

4. The quality of a handmade dress (when you find a seamstress who rocks the way mine did) is unmatchable. 

5. The price was right. I will get in to this later, but knowing what I know about wedding costs, and with all the articles out there about having to cut down guest lists and make huge sacrifices to have a “budget” wedding, it became a game to me. How much could I save and still get exactly what I wanted.

I got all of my jewelry from Dillard’s, my hair accessories from….WAL MART (and believe me that was the LAST place I thought to look), and my shoes for $16 at Payless.

Here are some awesome details of my outfit that I loved:

This shows you just how many layers of the flowy Swedish lace there were. I think there were five in all, and it was still so light. And my most favorite part of all: the buttons.

So that was me. The best way you can describe our style is by calling it eclectic. We are easy going and find beauty in the hodge-podge of it all. My girls got their dresses from Aria. They could pick out whatever style and I gave them the option of eight colors that I loved. I did not see the dresses and how they looked together until the day of the wedding. They all chose their own jewelry and their own flats. They looked awesome.

The guys wore white button downs with cream vests, their own khaki pants (so they wouldn’t match perfectly) and their own brown shoes. What really made their outfit amazing was their wooden bowties. You can find them here. They were all different. They rocked them.

As for my husband, he looked hot. He actually picked out his own outfit and surprise surprise, the man has got taste. Before I go into that, I must mention a simple and small disclaimer. When we said we wanted to have our wedding in my backyard, in our barn, people automatically assumed the very typical “barn wedding things.” A little hoe-downish vinbe was thrust upon us and that is not at all who we are. Cowboy boots (although lovely in some weddings) were not even considered as a possibility in ours. Not to mention our family’s “barn” is a giant, gorgeous pavilion. We are not barn wedding-ers. We wanted it to be relaxed, quiet and quaint. When someone asked what our wedding was going to be like, Matt responded, “A little bit like taking a vacation in the English countryside.” I knew he got me.

Back to what we were talking about before. This is what Matt picked out two weeks before the wedding at Dillard’s. 

Notice the bowtie, pink pocket square and mix of patterns. Boy had it going on.

Not to mention his blue shoes laces. Matt loves his colored shoelaces and you can find them here. Didn’t he do awesome?

Our dads both wore white shirts with khakis. And our moms both wore long skirts, because I wanted them to be comfortable all day long. They all looked awesome. Have I said “awesome” too much yet? No? Awesome.

All in all. everyone nailed it. It made for the prettiest pictures. Mind you, this is in October. I went against the grain of traditional fall colors. I didn’t choose another season’s color palette, they still fall in the autumn spectrum, but I went with the “off the beaten path” colors for fall and I am so glad I did.

My advice? Don’t be afraid to make your wedding exactly the way you want it. It’s so worth it!

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