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A Plea To Bridesmaids: Try On The Dress!

Dear bridesmaids, mothers, flower girls and anyone else wearing special occasion clothing to a wedding: we have a request in the name of your sanity, and the sanity of brides and wedding planners everywhere. PLEASE try on your dress (with accessories, undergarments and shoes!) the week before the wedding.

We have had bridesmaids who have ripped their dresses and who have had their dresses too big to even try to make it work. We have ironed many, many wrinkled gowns that looked like they had been balled up in a laundry basket for weeks. We have placed what feels like miles of wardrobe tape, and we have soothed many frayed nerves when time is tight and the situation seems grim. It’s our pleasure to assist in this way, but it would be so much better for everyone if the situation were avoided!

Luckily, this issue CAN be avoided! Try on your whole outfit! Make any adjustments during the wedding week and reduce stress on the wedding day for everyone!

Signed, a grateful planner and all brides everywhere

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