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Wedding Truths

In my experience, there are a few wedding truths that hold true across the board, no matter the size, shape or specifics of your wedding.

It’s true…

Yes, the day will fly by

Yes, if you’ve been planning a while, you will have a “lull period” in the middle, before things get busy the last 6 weeks

Yes, you may get tired of the planning near the end, even if you’re gung-ho at the beginning and loving it 

Yes, you will have questions that make you go, hmmm, I never thought of that

Yes, some of your vendors may suddenly become difficult communicators

Yes, you will be in “bride land” the last few days and will not want to make any decisions or talk to anyone (pssst… grooms find themselves here too!)

Yes, it’s ok to not answer your phone those last few days

Yes, this will be the best day of your life!

I promise!

Photo courtesy of Melissa Prosser Photography

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