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The Best Woman For The Job

The job of maid/matron of honor, that is! You have been selected to be a maid/matron of honor and you could not be more excited,

How To Hire: Wedding Transportation

Let’s talk transportation. When it comes down to it, there is a lot more transportation involved in a wedding than you may think. There is

How to Properly Pin a Boutonniere

It is a tricky business, getting those boutonniere flowers to stay straight up and down, or even where they are placed, for that matter. Who

How To Hire: Wedding Photographer

Here are several things for you to consider when hiring a photographer. We hope this will help you avoid any photography disasters! (Plus, don’t you

Let’s Talk Wedding Announcements

Some people invite everyone and their sister to their weddings. They want it big, and they can have it big because it’s their day! Others

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