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How To Hire: Wedding Photographer

Here are several things for you to consider when hiring a photographer. We hope this will help you avoid any photography disasters! (Plus, don’t you want a photographer who can capture moments like this one? Now that’s talent!)

Hire your photographer early in the engagement.

Photographers can only do one wedding a day, so you want to be able to lock in the photographer you want. Another reason to hire early is to have your engagement pictures available to put on the save-the-dates.

Make sure you are a good personality match with the photographer.

If you are constantly clashing, your wedding day will be more stressful than it ever should be. The thing that most couples do not think about is that their emotions show on their face in pictures. If you are annoyed with the photographer, guess what your face looks like in pictures…

Decide with your eyes, not with your ears.

A photographer can tell you they can do whatever you want, but look at their work. Does it show you the type of pictures you are wanting? Another thing to look at is full weddings. Do not get sucked in to the highlight shots, but rather, make sure all of the moments are captured.

Pay attention to lighting specialties.

If you are having an evening wedding, and your photographer only has pictures shot in full daylight, they may not be the photographer for you. Same goes if you’re having an outdoor wedding, and you’re only seeing artificially lit ballroom photos in the portfolio. You do not want to wait for your photographer to adjust his camera to the lighting.

Make sure the photographer is reputable.

Do not hire someone just because they are the cheapest option. Speaking of money, do not automatically choose the cheapest package. Make sure that you know how many hours you want the photographer to be present and make sure you are paying for that package ahead of time!

This is one of a series of posts we have crafted just for you to help you hire the best vendors to match your personality and needs!

Photo courtesy of The Scobeys

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