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How To Hire: Wedding Transportation

Let’s talk transportation. When it comes down to it, there is a lot more transportation involved in a wedding than you may think. There is transportation to the ceremony, ceremony to reception, reception to hotel (or wherever you may be headed). Not to mention transportation of guests, wedding party, parents. The list could be endless, but you get the point, right?  

For some reason, transportation vendors tend to be either really great, or really really bad. We have worked with folks on both ends of this spectrum. Worst case: They can be late, and we have had some that don’t even show up at all. We have even dealt with a situation where the driver demanded payment on the spot when the balance had already been paid prior to the wedding. Talk about a mess. Or what about the time the classic car’s engine blew on the way to the reception? Luckily, the driver was fine, and the couple enjoyed their taxi ride to their hotel…

Now that you are scared out of your mind about the transportation you already have lined up, here are a few guidelines that we stick to that generally give us a green light when it comes to picking the right transportation (pun intended).

Look for:

1. A wedding transportation specialist, meaning they do a lot of weddings.

2. The type of vehicle. Obviously you want to go away in style. But also think about comfort. Crawling into a limo while wearing a ball gown may not be your favorite thing to do as you depart your wedding reception…perhaps a classic car or an SUV would be better? 

3. Do they have insurance? (Hint: the answer needs to be YES)

4. When looking at pricing, look at full pricing. Some companies include gratuity, some don’t. This will help you to avoid all those little last-minute money-eating fees.

Hope these help you in your search for perfect vendors!

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And Premier Trolleys in Atlanta is one of the great ones!

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