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Lakeside Loveliness: Chelsea and Curt’s Wedding Story

The wedding story of Chelsea and Curt, who were married September 28, 2019, at a large rental house at Lake Rabun, Georgia. We stood on a flower mandala as this sweet couple exchanged heartfelt vows.

This. Is. Amazing. It’s really profound, Daria! Particularly the Thoughts On Marriage section. We can’t thank you enough. ~ Curt and Chelsea
Chelsea and Curt’s autumn ceremony took place among the Georgia pines at the Barn at Lake Rabun – perfect for these two nature lovers!

A Flower Mandala

Chelsea had the idea to create a flower mandala for the ceremony space. She used five types of flowers to build an intricate circular design on the ground where we planned to stand. At the last minute, the threat of rain drove us to move the ceremony under the reception tent on the back porch, but not to worry – we recreated a smaller version of the mandala there. One of my favorite memories is of the three flower girls dancing around the area as I quickly rebuilt the mandala before the ceremony began. They blessed the space with their joy, innocence and beauty, for certain!

A Personalized Ceremony

Chelsea and Curt and I worked closely together to create a personalized wedding ceremony, using the themes of commitment and overcoming life’s challenges together.
They chose to include one of my favorite readings, A Lovely Love Story; and I wrote a Thoughts on Marriage section combining the theme of this reading and a reading from the Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, which is a book Curt has loved all his adult life.
Chelsea and Curt exchanged heartfelt vows they had written themselves, and the entire congregation “warmed the rings” before the couple exchanged them. 

What is a ring warming, you may ask?

I invited the guests to pass the rings from hand to hand (warming them with their body heat), with each person taking a moment to silently bless the rings with wishes for the couple. This is a lovely way to involve all your guests in your ceremony. At the end, the rings are imbued with all your loved ones’ blessings and prayers.
Thank you for allowing me to preside at your wedding, Chelsea and Curt! I loved our time together and I’ll always remember you (and your sweet pups!) with love and gratitude!
Best wishes for a beautiful life of love and flowers!

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