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Cautionary Tale: Always Have A Plan B

Or, The Dress Doesn’t Always Fit

One of my brides recently had an issue with her dress. Not her wedding dress (thank goodness), but almost as bad: her rehearsal dinner dress. She had decided to rent a dress from Rent The Runway – which is a great idea in theory.

(This service allows one to rent couture dresses from an online database and they are sent via overnight delivery service.)

In this case, she placed the order weeks ago, so she wouldn’t have to worry about it. On Wednesday of the wedding week, she got an email stating her order had been cancelled (no explanation). Perturbed, she called to find out what to do. They said no worries, just give us your size and we’ll overnight you some options. Thursday, the options arrived – and none of them fit. She repeated the process, expecting another delivery on Friday.


Friday evening, I arrived at the church for the rehearsal. No bride. I texted her, and the response was, “I’m still at the hotel – waiting on my dress.” UPS was late delivering the package, and so there she was at the hotel, with nothing to do but wait. Her mom waited at her house for UPS to arrive, and finally it did – at 5:50 pm. After a mad dash across town in our famous Atlanta Friday traffic, her mom arrived at the hotel and the bride anxiously opened the box. Fortuitously, one of the dresses fit, and all was well. 

The moral of the story is, always have a backup plan. In retrospect, I’m sure my bride wishes she had packed another outfit to have at the hotel, just in case. When you’re ordering things from an online source, whether it’s Rent The Runway, Etsy, or even Amazon, be mindful that human error and shipping delays do occur. Always have a plan B so you can avoid unneeded stress in case things fall apart at the last minute!

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