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Your Wedding, Your Way

Wise words from our primary wedding consultant Daria:
I was in a meeting not too long ago that really brought home one of the things I love most about wedding planning: the fact that every wedding is different. Even though we follow essentially the same format, there is so much opportunity for personalization in every aspect of the event and how it flows.
I pride myself on helping couples to think through how they want the wedding day to go, and the experience they want themselves and their guests to have. I love listening to their ideas and what they want the event to feel like, and that I get to help them figure out the best way to bring their ideas to life. It’s upsetting when the venue or other vendors are rigid and completely opposed to any differences from “the way it’s done.”

For example:
• It’s fine to have a cocktail hour, even if you’re serving a heavy hors d’oeuvres buffet
• You can do the Horah once, twice, even three times if you want to
• You can stop somewhere in between the ceremony and the reception for some private photos

A good wedding planner will guide you through all the aspects of a wedding and help you decide on the order and timing that works best for you. Don’t let yourself be swayed by venues and vendors (or friends and family!) who are so used to doing things one way, that they have become convinced it’s the ONLY way. Trust me, it isn’t! It’s perfectly fine to plan your wedding, your way!
Photo courtesy of Nadia D. Photography

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