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A Tale of Good Customer Service

A tale of Ritz-level customer service… which every couple deserves. Kudos to all the wedding professionals who love what they do, and show that love through their actions.

Wedding Crisis du Jour!

So I got a call this afternoon from this weekend’s bride: crisis, her programs were printed with the wrong ceremony time. She approved the proof, so technically the stationer isn’t responsible. The bride is upset, but doesn’t really want to pay for reprinting them. She’s trying to tell herself it doesn’t matter, most people don’t read the ceremony time, and won’t notice. But it’s not really ok with her.

Then, out of the blue, I get a call from the stationer. She’s just had a call from our representative at the Ritz, Denise. It seems that when the bride delivered her welcome bags, she had been crying and Denise noticed it, and asked her mom what was wrong. Next thing you know, wheels are set in motion: Denise has called the stationer to say that if she can reprint the inside page, the Ritz staff will pick them up, along with the incorrect programs, and reassemble them. No charge. They just want her to be happy.
The bride is thrilled and can’t believe it. I say, this is the difference between good vendors who care, and those who really don’t. 

The lesson:

It’s not so much about how your wedding vendors work when things are going fine, it’s about how they react and respond when there is a problem. This is Ritz Level Service. Every client deserves it!

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