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Are Gift Cards Really Acceptable?

Gift Cards As Wedding Gifts: Do or Don’t? Amanda says, it’s a Do!

Hi everyone! It is Amanda again! While I do not have any new wedding news for you today, I do have some very exciting news! We bought our first house! Yes, I am obsessed with it and even more obsessed with decorating and fixing it up to our personal tastes!

That being said, we are loving, and you know when I use the word “love” I mean “LOVE,” the gift cards we have received over the past few months to The Home Depot and Lowe’s. However, we know that giving a gift card for a wedding gift had a negative connotation attached to it, and it is most certainly not acceptable to write on any invitation “accepting gift cards.” BUT we have found a way around that. Thank you Moms! Both Matt’s mom and my mom get asked all the time “What do Matt and Amanda really want?” We have told them to reply with a home improvement store gift card. So yes, it is acceptable to give a gift card IF you know the couple is wanting them!

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