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Amanda’s Planning Journey: Gown Update

Inside Out?

Hello readers, it’s Amanda! I FINALLY tried on my dress! I had fallen in love with a dress that wasn’t made any longer (of course I would). I searched high and low for it and no one had it! I finally found a wedding dress seamstress who swore up and down she could make it. Well, when I went for my first fitting I had a full out meltdown. Yes, I was that girl! I had to try the dress on inside out, and while I could see the idea, I couldn’t see the whole picture with seams everywhere!

I’m thrilled to report that I went back for my second fitting this past week and the gown looks gorgeous. I literally cannot be happier!

Just a word to the wise. Don’t judge a handmade dress the first time you try it on (especially if you try it on inside out).

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