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The Principles of Tiny Weddings

Everything is different in 2020… yet the truth of weddings remains:
We celebrate life and love every time a couple joins their hands and hearts together.

The basic principles of creating a special and lovely wedding remain the same as well, whether it’s a tiny wedding or a huge wedding. 

Throughout human history, we have always connected ourselves to each other, by family ties and by the ritual of marriage in its myriad forms. Rituals change to fit the needs of the current time and place, and the wedding ceremony is a type of ritual that over the ages, has changed radically in its form, and yet has remained exactly the same in its function: to unite two people in loving partnership.
I think couples getting married now have an amazing, unique and enviable opportunity to create the kind of wedding that is extra personalized and meaningful, not to mention calm, love-centered and fun!
As we are awakening to a new kind of wedding season in summer 2020, now is the time for tiny weddings to flourish! 
So how do you create a special and lovely Tiny Wedding? First, think about the basic principles.

The Principles of Creating Tiny Weddings

  • Get back to basics (this is an opportunity to discern your real priorities)
  • Add what you like, subtract what you don’t
  • Tap into the power of the (inner) circle
  • Think outside the box
  • Honor the sacred anywhere, and everywhere
  • Make it beautiful
  • Pamper yourself
  • Preserve the memories
  • Take advantage of technology
  • Some things will not change
  • Embrace the paradox and the mystery
  • Be present with what IS (not what was, or what you wish could be)
  • Choose to celebrate life and love
And the most important principle:
Love is not canceled, nor will it ever be!
Tiny Weddings are blooming! What will yours be like?

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