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Amanda’s Planning Journey: Wedding Planning Bliss and Blunder

It is about time for an update from me (Amanda) on all the wedding planning bliss and blunder happening in my life right about now! I have made it fairly clear that I am first and foremost extremely excited and preoccupied with marrying Matt. He is just the best. (If you knew him, you would most likely agree.)

The little stuff about weddings just doesn’t bother me. Things like napkin color, whether or not the bridesmaids match or even if the food is cold doesn’t register on my worry radar. That has been my motto for a while now. Then I had to choose invitations. 

Matt and I want the people we love to be involved in our wedding one way or another. So I, being the brilliant person that I am, asked one of our friends who is an artist to design our wedding invitations. I wanted something woodsy and whimsical. What she ended up making was quite geometric and nothing at all what I was looking for. Turns out, invitations matter to me. 

Now I am stuck in the dilemma of not wanting to hurt her feelings and therefore having to use invitations that don’t thrill me. Major blunder!

Then Charlotte, one of my dearest and truest friends (and quite an amazing artist), came in to save the day. Charlotte drew this invitation for me.

Isn’t it beautiful? It is going to be printed on letter-sized, wood-embossed paper. The postcard RSVP is perforated and can be torn off and mailed back quite simply! I was able to tell friend #1 that Charlotte had made these for me as a gift and I definitely wanted to use them! It all worked out well in the end, as these things always do.

Thank you Charlotte!

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