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Comedy Break: The Beer Can Cake

Pinterest Idea: Classic, Cliché, or Just Plain Crazy?

Introducing a new blog category for us! We are all obsessed with Pinterest. Our clients have mostly gone Pinterest crazy, and we cannot say we blame them. The site has shared millions of amazing ideas, but with those ideas come some things that you should never ever do. Let’s start one that is a little crazy and (in our humble opinion) takes a lack of class to the next (lower) level.

The beer can cake. That’s right, readers, a groom’s cake (or at least we are praying it was the groom’s cake) made out of beer cans.

Don’t get us wrong, it makes for a colorful display, but it belongs at the bachelor party and then all of the empty can belong in the recycling bin, not your wedding. If you want to serve free alcohol, serve it at the bar. If you want your cake to look like beer, have the baker make a cake that looks like (classy) beer. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime thing! Make memories that you will want to hold on to for a while, not burn the picture!

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