"Love does not consist of gazing at each other,
but in looking outward together
in the same direction."

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Photo by Alea Moore Photography

Love Notes

Bright ideas, wisdom and musings about weddings,
celebrations, ceremonies and life in general, from
Daria's 17 years of planning, coordinating and officiating.

The Case of the Missing Cake

Help! Our wedding cake is missing! This is a true story: A major Atlanta cake baker recently went out of business. Unfortunately, it was very sudden and even more unfortunately, we found out the hard

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My Favorite Time of Year

I’ve always loved that time of year when the season is just starting to change. Spring is exciting, but that first taste of fall is my favorite. The air is just a little crisp in

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Zip It! Your Gown, That Is…

A Cautionary Tale: Double check all wedding gown and wardrobe details before your wedding day! (Or, reason #529 why the venue coordinator is not the same as a wedding planner.) This is a true story.

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I Love...

My husband

How lucky am I to have found the love of my life?


My husband and I speak to every pup we pass on the street. Every single one.


What else brings people together so well?


Forever an English major at heart


New places and cultures thrill me

My family

We’re always there for each other


My escape and my relaxation


The cycle of life through the seasons never ceases to amaze me

The beach

The sea recharges my spirit


Songs and lyrics are integral to my life


For real…always have, always will!